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C2005-49 Telephone White Pages directories - NSW Government


Public agencies are requested that when preparing their entry for the White Pages to include NSW Government' after their agency name. This allows public agencies to clearly be displayed as within the NSW justification in the Government Index.

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It is important that information provided to the public is accessible both technologically and in printed form. In the current printed version of the White Pages there are two government sections containing contact details for New South Wales public agencies. The first section titled ‘State Government' contains the names of public agencies and the page number where individual agency's details are listed. The second section titled ‘The Government Index' references NSW public agencies, Commonwealth agencies and some local government information. What is not clear in ‘The Government Index' is whether an organisation is a NSW public agency or a Commonwealth agency. This lack of clarity can make it difficult for the public and business to direct their inquiry to the appropriate agency.

To assist the public and businesses in accessing information contained in the White Pages and for Sensis to manage the contact details, public agencies are requested that when preparing their entry for the White Pages that they include ‘NSW Government' after their agency name. This will allow Sensis to clearly display that a public agency is within the NSW jurisdiction ‘The Government Index'. Introducing this change will lead to easier accessibility in contacting NSW public agencies. Sensis will alphabetically list public agencies under the proper name and place “NSW Government” after that name in brackets, eg “Premier's Department (NSW Government)”. Agencies are not required to pay an additional charge for the change of entry.

For future reference, please note the closing date for your White Pages entry which is referred to in the attachment. If you require assistance in preparing in your agency's listing in the White Pages, Sensis can be contacted on 1800 990 511.

Col Gellatly

Issued: Management Services
Contact: Alexander Weilsmann
Telephone no: (02) 9228 4740 Facsimile: (02) 8243 8470
Date: November 2005
This Circular has not superseded any other Memoranda/Circular