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C2012-13 Consultative Arrangements: Policy and Guidelines (2012)



  • The Policy and Guidelines contains commitments to consultative arrangements in NSW public sector workplaces.
  • Each agency is best equipped to determine the form of consultation that is effective for its operations.
  • The Policy and Guidelines sets out the principles of consultation that should be reflected in each agency's consultative arrangements and the roles participants accept when they are involved in consultation.
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The revised Consultative Arrangements: Policy and Guidelines (2012) has been developed to update the previous policy and guidelines published in 1997 and to bring the document in line with current work practices.

The document provides general guidance for agencies regarding consultative arrangements. The framework allows for arrangements that meet the needs and priorities of the agency, employees, the organisational structure and the services provided to the customer.

The Government remains committed to consulting with employees and their representatives, including unions, at both the agency and the sector-wide level in relation to proposed major changes in the workplace that are likely to have a significant effect on employees. To meet this commitment agencies are required to have appropriate and relevant consultative arrangements in place.

Chris Eccles
Director General

Which agencies does this Circular apply to?
All public sector agencies. This includes all agencies and employees in the Government Service (Public Service Departments, Non-Public Service Divisions and Special Employment Divisions), the Teaching Service, NSW Police, NSW Health Service and State Owned Corporations.

Who needs to know about this Circular?
Human Resources, Personnel, Employee Relations, all managers and employees.

Further information.
Industrial Relations Branch, Government Group

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Industrial Relations Branch, Government Group in the Department of Premier and Cabinet


25 June 2012


This Circular supersedes Circular C1997-53