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C2021-11 NSW Government Intellectual Property Framework


The 2020 Intellectual Property Management Framework (IP Framework) sets out the New South Wales Government’s best practice guidelines for dealing with and managing intellectual property. The IP Framework is based on a set of guiding principles which reflect and build on practices already implemented by many NSW agencies. The purpose of the IP Framework is to facilitate the efficient, consistent, fair and transparent management of IP to optimise the benefit of these assets for the people of NSW.

Detailed Outline

The 2020 IP Framework replaces the Intellectual Property Management Framework for the NSW Public Sector published in 2005. The 2020 IP Framework builds on the 2005 Framework and recognises the significant developments in technology, law and policy since that time.

The 2020 IP Framework consists of three parts: Part 1 sets out the IP Principles; Part 2 provides an overview of IP law and policy for agencies; and Part 3 provides Explanatory Notes to the IP Principles.

The IP Framework was developed by members of the New South Wales Government IP Working Group under the auspices of the New South Wales Government General Counsel Group. Consultation was also undertaken with Aboriginal Affairs NSW and the Crown Solicitor’s Office.

The 2020 IP Framework is non-binding. All government sector agencies (as defined in the Government Sector Employment Act NSW (2013) (agencies)) are encouraged to refer to the IP Framework when managing their IP. Each agency will have its own IP needs, and may use the IP Principles to develop its own IP Policy to meet those needs. An IP Policy may apply to all IP assets of an agency or to a particular subset.

State Owned Corporations and Public Trading Enterprises are also encouraged to refer to the IP Framework.

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