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C2021-13 NSW Government Redress Scheme Sanctions Policy


The NSW Government Redress Scheme Sanctions Policy (the Policy) sets out the NSW Government policy position on sanctions for non-government institutions (NGIs) with Redress Obligation (as defined in the Policy) that do not join the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (the Scheme).

Detailed Outline

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring as many survivors of institutional child sexual abuse as possible are able to access recognition and support through the Scheme. The NSW Government expects all non-government institutions with obligations under the Scheme to join as quickly as possible.

The Policy defines a non-government institution as any institution or organisation that is not a Commonwealth, State or Territory government institution.

The Policy applies to all NSW Government agencies as defined by the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (NSW).

The Ministers Redress Scheme Governance Board has agreed that institutions that fail to fulfil their moral obligation to join the Scheme will be vulnerable to immediate consequences including being subject to public naming and possible sanctions by state, territory and/or Commonwealth governments. The Policy formalises the NSW Government’s approach to sanctions for institutions that fail in their obligation to join the Scheme.

NSW Government agency engagement with non-government institutions

The Policy requires NSW Government agencies to engage directly with non-government institutions that they have contractual or funding relationships with to encourage them to join the Scheme.

The Scheme will identify when engagement is required and issue a request for assistance to NSW.

Funding sanctions for non-government institutions that fail to join the Scheme

NSW Government agencies will not award a funding arrangement, including an agreement, contract or grant for the allocation of funding on behalf of the NSW Government, to a non‑government institution that the Scheme has named as failing to join the Scheme, unless specific circumstances apply.

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Jan 1, 2023
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