Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
Department of Finance, Services and Innovation Circular

DFSI-2018-02- Data Centre Reform


The NSW Data Centre Reform Strategy has created a secure, efficient and connected ICT environment for all NSW Government agencies through consolidation of agencies’ data centres into two modern, reliable, energy efficient, secure and fit-for-purpose facilities.

The NSW Data Centre Reform Strategy supports the government’s strategy of procuring ICT as-a-service by consolidating all NSW Government agency data centres into two modern, reliable, energy efficient, secure and fit-for-purpose facilities. It also provides access to ICT services through the Government Digital Community (GovDC) Marketplace and buy.nsw.

All NSW Government agencies (except State Owned Corporations) must:

  • continue to relocate remaining data centre and computer room infrastructure from current (on premise and leased) facilities into the Government Data Centres and, where appropriate, consume services through the GovDC Marketplace or other suitable cloud services; and
  • decommission specialist infrastructure items that have not been migrated to the Government Data Centres by 30th August 2019.

Data Centre migration should commence following one of the following triggers, being when:

  • the lease on an existing building or data centre lease is ending
  • there is a major equipment/infrastructure refresh due
  • there is a major software refresh due
  • the current data centre is too unreliable or inefficient for future needs
  • there is an emerging defined need for cross agency connectivity

Agencies may use hosting services from commercial providers where the hosting service is delivered from the NSW Government Data Centres. Agencies must obtain approval from the Secretary DFSI before making other data centre arrangements such as entering into a new contract (or extending an existing contract, or taking any extension option) to acquire data centre capacity, or designing or commissioning any capital works for a new or existing data centre solutions.

Exemptions will be considered in circumstances that are business critical or where on-premise assets cannot be supported in the Government Data Centres.

The Secretary DFSI may issue directions to agencies to consolidate and manage data centre arrangements.

In addition, to facilitate a coordinated and timely approach, agencies may be requested to provide DFSI with the following information:

  • copies of any existing contracts and leases with other data centres, facilities or similar
  • advice on required services that may be suitable for establishment in the GovDC Marketplace
  • other relevant information to assist the coordination of migrating agencies into the Government Data Centres and GovDC Marketplace.

DFSI is available to assist agencies with migration planning.

This policy does not prevent agencies acquiring suitable cloud services from other cloud service providers, consistent with the NSW Government Cloud Policy, in consultation with DFSI.