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M1998-35 Government Energy Management Policy Reducing Greenhouse Emissions from Government Operations


Superseded by M2008-28

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The Government Energy Management Policy affirms the NSW Government's commitment to sustainable energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Most importantly, the policy reinforces the Government's focus on the twin goals of better financial performance and improved environmental outcomes.The policy outlines the expectations of the Government. The implementation of the policy across the public sector will provide leadership to the community by example, and demonstrate NSW's commitment to the National Greenhouse Strategy. The policy will also facilitate the growth of a competitive and vibrant sustainable energy services industry in NSW.The Government Energy Management Policy is focused on outcomes and individual agencies have prime responsibility for its success. Chief executives, through their performance agreements, will be held accountable for the achievement of energy management goals. However, each agency has the flexibility to adopt an approach to suit its own corporate objectives and operational circumstances. As a minimum goal, each agency shall set its own targets aligned with the Government's overall targets. Agencies should aim beyond the Government targets, as better outcomes mean greater benefits. This policy also includes a commitment that budget allocations for general government sector agencies will not be reduced by the energy cost reductions achieved through improvements in energy efficiency. Agency responsibilities are outlined in the policy and are to be implemented for this current financial year. These responsibilities include:establishing agreed levels of executive accountability establishing performance goals, and reporting on outcomes in the agency's annual report reporting energy consumption to the Department of Energy at the completion of each financial year adopting best practice in procurement of new assets. The Government Energy Management Policy is mandatory for all general government sector agencies. Public trading enterprises are encouraged to adopt the principles of the policy as an integral part of their business, thereby contributing to NSW's broad environmental outcomes while pursuing good business practice.The Department of Energy will oversee the application of this policy at a broad level. Implementation is supported through consultation with the Sustainable Energy Development Authority and the Department of Public Works and Services (DPWS), who, among others, can advise agencies requiring specific assistance. DPWS will also provide appropriate guidelines in the context of asset management and procurement.
Bob Carr Premier
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Jul 5, 1998
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Jul 5, 2016
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