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M2001-16 NSW Government Electronic Procurement Implementation Strategy


Related to M2000-12 and M2006-11. Superseded by NSW Government Procurement Policy (NSW Treasury)

The NSW Government Electronic Procurement Implementation Strategy is a whole of government framework to advance electronic commerce in procurement, maximise consistency in implementation and minimise the costs to suppliers. The implementation strategy supports the strategies in the Policy Statement for NSW Government Procurement and Construct NSW on the take up of electronic commerce in procurement and information technology in construction.

The NSW Government Electronic Procurement Implementation Strategy is also consistent with Connect.NSW, the NSW Government's strategic framework which outlines the use of information technology to streamline internal government practices, reduce costs, improve service delivery and generally enhance the quality of life for the NSW community. The Implementation Strategy builds upon the Government's Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) goals outlined in Memorandum 2000-12 Meeting The Government's Information and Communications Technology Strategic Agenda.

The framework sets out goals and targets for moving government procurement online by 2003, and encouraging industry to adopt corresponding electronic procurement practices. Key features of the strategy include:

  • an electronic marketplace for goods and services procurement;
  • an electronic tendering system which enables suppliers to electronically access tender information and lodge tender responses;
  • technology for the sharing and management of project information online;
  • a single entry point through the NSW Government website to enable industry to obtain information on government business opportunities;
  • agencies reviewing and re-engineering their procurement processes;
  • performance monitoring and reporting.

To realise the full benefits of the strategy to the Government, all Ministers are asked to ensure that agencies, including Government Trading Enterprises (GTEs) under their administration are aware of, and participate in, the overall implementation strategy. Schedule 1 agencies (as defined in the Public Sector Management Act, 1988) are required to participate in the electronic marketplace, and non-Schedule 1 agencies are able to participate on a voluntary basis.

Shareholding Ministers and Boards of State Owned Corporations are to give consideration to adopting the principles of the strategy into their statements of corporate intent and to advise the Minister for Public Works and Services on their electronic procurement outcomes.

The Department of Public Works and Services (DPWS) will coordinate the E-procurement Implementation Strategy, including the take up by agencies, with the support of the Department of State and Regional Development. NSW Government agencies will report on the progress and results of their e-procurement implementation as outlined in the strategy.

The Director-General of DPWS will report and provide information on the e-procurement implementation strategy to the e-Government Committee. The Minister for Public Works and Services will report to the Budget Committee of Cabinet on the Government's electronic procurement outcomes as part of the NSW Government Procurement Policy reporting requirements.

To assist in the implementation of the strategy, a resource directory is available at the e-procurement website. In addition, guidelines on delegations, risk management, and developing agency e-procurement implementation strategies are being developed and will be available in early 2002.

The NSW Government Electronic Procurement Implementation Strategy and resource directory is available at

Bob CarrPremier

Issued by: Department of Public Works & ServicesContact officer: Rosemarie RisgallaTelephone: 02 9372 8830Date


Related to M2000-12 and M2006-11