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M2002-08 Departmental Savings Strategies Productivity Savings Progress Reports

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I refer to Memorandum No. 2002-05 Departmental Savings Strategies Expanded Reporting Requirements issued 10 April 2002 regarding reports on productivity savings.

This new reporting format was designed to ensure that Ministers and Cabinet are kept regularly informed about progress being made by agencies towards achieving the required productivity savings. The first progress reports under this new arrangement were due on 1 May 2002.

While the initial returns indicated that some progress has been made towards identifying productivity savings, it is important to ensure that these initiatives are now successfully implemented and benefits realised.

My earlier memorandum advised that further reports on the progress being made by agencies to achieve the required productivity savings might be required in the future. Ministers will be required to submit the next set of progress reports to Cabinet by 1 August 2002.

The reporting format is currently being reviewed. It will be forwarded separately in the near future. The agency progress reports will be in a similar format to previous returns, therefore, you may wish to advise your portfolio agencies to commence updating their productivity improvement plans.

You will need to arrange for your portfolio agencies to provide their returns in advance of this date. The returns are to be securely delivered directly to the Cabinet Secretariat (Level 39, Governor Macquarie Tower for consideration by the Cabinet Standing Committee on the Budget. All enquiries regarding the delivery of returns should be directed to telephone number (02) 9228 4811.

Ministers are encouraged to ensure that their portfolio agencies continue to effectively manage this process.

Bob Carr

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Contact: Elizabeth Casey
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Date: 19 June 2002


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