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M2002-16 Walk to Work Day


Superseded by M2003-11

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Friday 4 October 2002 the Pedestrian Council of Australia is encouraging people to leave their cars at home and enjoy the benefits of walking and using public transport in travelling to and from work.

The key message behind this year's event is Walk More in recognition that:-

  • regular walking has many health benefits;
  • walking can be an enjoyable, relaxing and viable alternative to the motor vehicle when commuting, particularly when combined with using public transport;
  • over-reliance on the motor vehicle, especially for short trips, can adversely affect air quality;
  • walking can reduce the traffic on our roads.

I am very supportive of Walk to Work Day and I encourage Ministers, Chief Executive Officers and all New South Wales Public Sector employees to not only participate in the event on 4 October, but to also consider including walking as a regular activity over the longer term.

Those participating in Walk to Work Day may like to consider signing the "Heroes Pledge" which is part of the Pedestrian Council of Australia's promotional campaign. The pledge can be completed online at the Pedestrian Council of Australia's website (www.walk.com.au).

The Transport Info Line website (www.131500.info) provides a useful Trip Planner which offers estimates of distances and time taken for people planning to walk or use public transport between nominated starting and finishing locations.

I would appreciate it if Chief Executive Officers could ensure that information about Walk to Work Day is distributed amongst all employees in their agencies.

Bob Carr

Superseded by M2003-11


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Sep 24, 2002
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Jul 5, 2016
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