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M2002-17 State Submissions to Commonwealth Inquiries


Superseded by M2012-14

Detailed Outline

The Commonwealth Government initiates a wide range of inquiries emanating from the Federal Parliament, various Commissions, special inquiries etc. The majority of these seek input from States. Requests to New South Wales for submissions to these inquiries can vary from approaches to the Head of Government, or to the relevant Minister, or directly to Departments.

It is the responsibility of The Cabinet Office to co-ordinate any response from this State to Commonwealth inquiries.

It should be noted that State responses to these inquiries are not always necessary.

In the past submissions to such inquiries have varied from very lengthy and detailed documents to short incisive submissions, not always reflecting the importance to New South Wales of the inquiry.

You should ensure that all requests for State submissions to Commonwealth inquiries are referred to The Cabinet Office so that a decision can be made on the appropriate level of response required. All submissions to inquiries should be forwarded to The Cabinet Office prior to despatch to the Commonwealth.

It would be appreciated if you would draw this matter to the attention of all organisations within your administration.

Bob Carr, Premier


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Date Issued
Jul 5, 2006
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Jul 5, 2016
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Department of Premier and Cabinet
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Department of Premier and Cabinet