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M2002-23 Working with Government


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WORKING WITH GOVERNMENT State Infrastructure Strategic Plan

In November 2001, the Government released the Working with Government policy and guidelines for privately financed projects (www.nsw.gov.au/wwg).

Working with Government contained a commitment to setting out the Government's infrastructure priorities in a State Infrastructure Strategic Plan (SISP), which will be updated and released annually.

I am pleased to announce that the first SISP will be released on 19 December 2002.

The SISP will make a valuable contribution towards integrated, strategic capital investment planning in New South Wales.

To support this objective - and to undertake the task of updating the SISP annually in line with the government's commitment - a SISP Steering Committee is to be established.

The SISP Steering Committee will be convened by the Infrastructure Coordination Unit of Premier's Department and will comprise senior officers from The Cabinet Office, Planning NSW, the Department of Public Works and Services and NSW Treasury.

It will be responsible for monitoring the status of infrastructure priorities contained in the SISP and supporting the project development and implementation process.

To successfully support the ongoing development of the SISP, the Steering Committee will need to work closely with both General Government and Public Trading Enterprises, including State Owned Corporations (SOCs).

While acknowledging the independence and rights of the SOCs, I seek their support in this matter and the full cooperation of all State agencies.

Bob Carr


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