Premier's Memorandum

M2002-24 Coordination of Radio Spectrum Management for NSW Agencies


Related to M91-22. Superseded by M2010-16

At any particular time, the supply of electromagnetic spectrum is relatively static while the demand for it is rapidly increasing. Much of the demand is commercially driven, making spectrum a valuable resource. In order to maximise availability of spectrum for all agencies in NSW, it is important that each agency uses it efficiently.

For this reason, Premier's Memorandum 91-22 "Coordination of Government Telecommunications" was issued in 1991. It assigned the responsibility for any dealings with the Federal Government on telecommunications matters to the then Telecommunications Unit (TCU).

In 2001, Cabinet agreed to the formation of the CEOs' Radio Management Committee (on which the radio-using portfolios are represented) and tasked it with the preparation of a strategic plan for radio communications. The Government Chief Information Office (GCIO) supports that committee.

It is timely therefore, to remind agencies that they are required to discuss any proposals for procurement of spectrum with GCIO prior to any approach to the Australian Communications Authority. This requirement applies whether the proposal is by an agency or by any group in which the agency is a member. GCIO is in turn to keep the CEOs' Radio Management Committee informed of all spectrum requirements, so that a coordinated and strategic approach to spectrum allocation is undertaken by the NSW public sector.

Bob Carr

Related to M91-22