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M2002-25 Notification of Online Services

Detailed Outline

The 2001 ESD (Electronic Service Delivery) commitment has succeeded in maximising the availability of government information and services to the community. To build on this achievement and to ensure that ServiceNSW, the online entry point to NSW Government, reflects the actual status of online government services, Cabinet has directed that NSW Government agencies continue to report on new online services and changes to existing services.

Agencies are required to notify the Office of Information Technology of new and changed services by registering them at least a week before implementation using the ServiceNSW registration facility at www.nsw.gov.au/login.asp. Agencies are also required to provide information on the volume of Internet services, as well as total volumes of these services through all delivery channels. This information will enable the NSW Government to assess the growth and use of Internet provided services.

The registration facility has been designed for ease of use and includes a feedback mechanism to enable agencies to check or change the status of their services and nominate/update a date of release for a service.

ServiceNSW has been well received by the community and continues to be the most visited State Government website in Australia. Timely registration of online services by agencies is necessary to ensure that ServiceNSW continues to provide a quality service. Random checks to compare links registered with ServiceNSW with services delivered through agency sites will be carried out by the Office of Information Technology to ascertain agency compliance.

Services registered through the registration facility and results of the random comparative checks will be reported to the CEOs eGovernment Committee on a regular basis by the Office of Information Technology.

Agencies are requested to nominate an Electronic Service Delivery Coordinator for liaison purposes by emailing ServiceNSW@ditm.nsw.gov.au .

Bob Carr


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Nov 5, 2002
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Jul 5, 2016
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