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M2008-28 Sustainability Policy for NSW Government


This Memo supersedes M1998-35 and M2004-04 and updates M2003-05 and M2005-03

Detailed Outline

The NSW Government Sustainability Policy outlines how the Government will lead by example in sustainable water and energy use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste and fleet management and sustainable purchasing.
The Policy will provide an important step for the NSW Government to meet its commitment of becoming carbon neutral by 2020.
All elements of the Policy apply to all NSW Government budget dependent agencies. Fleet, waste reduction and purchasing elements also apply to other NSW Government agencies.
Local government and public trading enterprises are strongly encouraged to adopt these principles as an integral part of their business, thereby contributing to NSW's broad sustainability outcomes, while pursuing good business practice.
The implementation of the new Sustainability Policy will ensure Government agencies:
  • consider sustainability in all relevant decision making;
  • reduce their greenhouse gas emissions;are more efficient in their use of energy and water; and reduce wider environmental impacts associated with water and energy use;
  • meet the challenge of rising prices expected for energy, fuel, water and waste management;
  • are more efficient in their use of vehicles;
  • produce less waste and increase recycling in Government activities; and
  • use purchasing power to drive efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The Policy incorporates the existing Waste Reduction and Purchasing Policy, the Sustainable Water Policy and the Cleaner Government Fleet Program.

It also sets new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmentally sustainable purchasing practices.

The targets, along with comprehensive information for agencies on coverage, obligations and reporting requirements can be found in the attached information package.


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