Premier's Memorandum

M2019-01-Guidelines for the Provision of Ex-Gratia Legal Assistance for Ministers, Public Officials and Crown Employees


The purpose of this memorandum is to issue the attached guidelines for the provision of ex gratia legal assistance for Ministers, public officials and Crown employees. The attached guidelines consolidate all previous guidelines issued in relation to the provision of ex gratia legal assistance, and, accordingly, replace those earlier guidelines.

The attached guidelines describe the circumstances in which an application for ex gratia legal assistance may be made, the procedures that must be followed and the level of fees that may be paid to the legal representatives of applicants in these matters.

The assistance which may be provided is ex gratia, or discretionary, in nature and will not be provided as of right. The Department of Justice will continue to have administrative responsibility for the provision of ex gratia legal assistance and will be responsible for assessing the merits of each case and determining whether such assistance should be granted. Accordingly, any inquiries regarding the ex gratia assistance scheme should continue to be made to the Department of Justice.