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M2022-12 Advertising in regional media


The purpose of this memorandum is to remind NSW Government agencies of their obligation to ensure all relevant audiences in NSW are informed about government programs, policies and initiatives. In particular, all NSW Government agencies are required to consider the needs of regional and rural NSW communities in their media planning, and where relevant, allocate at least 26% of their campaign media expenditure to reach regional communities. Media expenditure to reach regional communities should include advertising in independent and local print media. For campaigns over $250,000, DCS will require agencies to account for their expenditure and that it is meeting regional reach requirements.

Detailed Outline

All people of NSW, including regional and remote communities should have equal access to information about government’s programs, services, events, initiatives and policies.

For advertising campaigns of relevance to regional and remote communities, NSW Government agencies are required to spend at least 26% of their campaign media expenditure on channels targeting regional audiences. Regional NSW refers to areas of the state outside Greater Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle.

Advertising in regional media including local and independent community newspapers is effective and efficient to reach regional and remote communities as part of state-wide campaigns as well as for targeted messages to a specific area.

Local and community-based media channels have strong connections with their communities in regional NSW and are a critical source of news and information including messages from the NSW Government. This includes regional print outlets that often play a unique role in their communities by serving residents who rely on those newspapers as their only source of news. Placing advertising in these channels in addition to traditional media activities such as media releases and social media can help make sure local communities are kept informed about government services and information such as

  • Events, consultations, and information sessions in their area

  • Changes or announcements about local government offices and services

  • Availability of government supports, grants and other programs

  • Job and business opportunities with government

Agencies should ensure they incorporate appropriate images, messages and calls to action that will be relevant and resonate with communities in the target regional areas.

This guidance is consistent with the principles of government advertising as outlined in the NSW Government Advertising Guidelines and the Government Advertising Act 2011.

The NSW Government Media Agency Services (MAS) provider can provide specialist advice about suitable advertising channels to effectively reach people in regional and rural NSW. The Department of Customer Service website provides details about the MAS contract and reaching regional audiences.

Dominic Perrottet, MP


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Dec 5, 2022
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Dec 4, 2027
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