Department of Premier and Cabinet
Department of Premier and Cabinet Circular

P1996-16 Overseas Travel Summary Sheets


Circular 1996-09 of 8 February 1996 advised Ministers and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) that all official overseas travel for CEOs and other public officers would require the Commissioner's approval.

Front applications received to date it has been noted that some relevant information has either been missing or not fully provided thus delaying consideration by the Commissioner. The attached Overseas Travel Summary Sheet has been developed to overcome this problem.

While full details of each overseas visit are still required, agencies may initially fax the Overseas Travel Summary Sheet to the Public Employment Office (PEO) for the Commissioner's approval once the overseas visit has the signed support of the relevant CEO and Minister. When the Commissioner has approved the travel the Summary Sheet will be faxed back to the agency.

The Summary Sheet must be used for each overseas visit. While officers of the PEO will endeavour to obtain the necessary approval as quickly as possible, agencies should submit Summary Sheets at least 1 week before the anticipated departure.

The fax number for submitting completed Summary Sheets is (02) 9228 4421.

Should you require further information regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact Emanuel Sklavounos on telephone 228 3570.