NSW Procurement Board Direction

PBD-2014-03C Agency Accreditation Scheme for Construction - threshold for unaccredited work


This Direction increases the maximum value of construction work that can be undertaken by an agency that is not accredited under the Agency Accreditation Scheme for Construction (the Scheme).  The maximum value is now $1.3 million.

Detailed Outline

Under the Scheme agencies can apply to become accredited by Public Works Advisory (PWA) to undertake planning and/or delivery phases of construction procurement. Agencies that are not accredited under the scheme are required to obtain assistance from external providers and/or use the Government Procurement System for Construction administered by PWA.

Under the Scheme, the maximum value of construction work that may be undertaken by an unaccredited agency is currently $1 million.

In recognition of the increase in construction costs since the threshold was set in 2004, the maximum value of work that may be undertaken by an unaccredited agency is now $1.3 million.

Previous Procurement Board Direction 2014-01C Construction procurement policies and procedures – interim arrangements provided advice to agencies that the Board had agreed to review, consolidate and update all sector-wide relevant construction procurement policies and procedures. This Direction confirmed that existing policies and procedures continue to apply.

This Direction was considered by the NSW Procurement Board on 23 July 2014 and takes effect from 18 August 2014.


Part 11, Public Works and Procurement Act 1912


Who needs to know and/or comply with this?

Executive agencies related to Departments
Advisory Entities (including Boards and Committees)
Separate agencies
Statutory Authorities/Bodies


Not Mandatory

AR Details

Date Issued
Jul 23, 2014
Review Date
Nov 25, 2020
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Publishing Entity
The Treasury
Issuing Entity
New South Wales Procurement Board (DFSI)