The Treasury
NSW Industrial Relations Circular

TC16-03 Managing Accrued Recreation Leave Balances


This Circular advises of the ongoing requirement for managing accrued recreation leave. All reasonable attempts should be made by agency heads to ensure accrued employee recreation leave balances are kept to a maximum of 30 days or less.


FunctionIndustrial RelationsSubjectLeave

Treasury Circular TC14-11 required agency heads to reduce accrued employee recreation leave balances over a three year period to 30 days or less by 30 June 2015.

Agency heads are now required to manage employee recreation leave balances within the current 30 day limit on an ongoing basis. In doing so, agency heads must take into account obligations in relevant industrial instruments and legislation and should make use of provisions which provide for:

  • directions to take leave
  • permit the cashing out of additional leave; and
  • place restrictions on access to flex leave.

Agencies are reminded that annual recreation leave is an entitlement provided for ongoing and temporary employees to enable a period of rest and recreation away from the work environment every year. Taking regular periods of leave enables employees to maintain their physical and mental well-being and positively impacts on productivity in the workplace


Rob Whitfield