The Treasury
NSW Industrial Relations Circular

TC17-05 Industrial Relations: Notional Salary 2017-18


New calculations for notional salary apply in relation to Public Service senior executives and roles from 1 July 2017. 

This Circular applies to Departments, Executive Agencies related to Departments, and Separate Agencies. It withdraws and supersedes the previous circular TC16-04.


FunctionIndustrial RelationsSubjectSalaries and Wages
Fiscal Strategy and EconomicsFiscal Strategy

Under the Government Sector Employment Regulation 2014, the notional salary determines:

  • the money value of accrued annual leave owing to a Public Service senior executive who elects for the whole or part of this to be paid upon ceasing to be employed in a government sector agency and immediately commencing employment in another government sector agency in accordance with Clause 29;
  • the money value of extended leave accrued or payable to a Public Service senior executive in accordance with Schedule 1; and
  • the amount of the allowance to be paid to a Public Service non-executive employee who is temporarily assigned to an executive role (being the difference between the salary of the person’s usual role and the notional salary of the executive role to which the person is temporarily assigned), in accordance with Clause 21.