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TPP17-02 Recurrent Investment Assurance Framework


The Recurrent Investor Assurance Framework (RIAF) is the Gateway Coordination Authority  Framework for major recurrent projects under the NSW Gateway Policy (TPP17-01). The RIAF requires recurrent projects above a threshold to be risk assessed and to be subject to a series of independent peer reviews at key stages in the project’s life cycle.


Function and Subject

Financial Management and Accounting (1)
Financial Management Framework

Detailed Outline

The RIAF provides for independent advice and assurance to an agency’s existing internal project delivery processes and is complemented, post implementation, by the NSW Government Program Evaluation process.

The RIAF requires recurrent projects requiring a recurrent investment of $100 million over the first four years or $50 million in any one year to be risk assessed. In addition ERC, the agency or Treasury may nominate recurrent projects to be risk assessment. Risk assessment will lead to the project being classified into Tiers. The tier will determine the number and timing of Gateway Reviews that the project must undergo.

Related Administrative Requirements: This Policy should be read in conjunction with TPP17-01 NSW Gateway Policy




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Feb 17, 2017
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Feb 17, 2019
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